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Arqlite Eco Pot

The World's 1st Planter Made From Single-Use Plastics

The World's 1st Planter Made From Single-use Plastics


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Made from +100 chip bags, 5x more durable than traditional pots, and cleverly designed without holes to prevent messy spills.

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Fighting plastic pollution with beauty

The Arqlite Eco Pot is the world's first product made 100% from Arqlite's HRP.

We conducted research with over 300 people to understand what makes a great pot for plants and homes.

We learned that beauty is critical to making this product go mainstream and fight plastic pollution.

That is why soon, we'll be launching our Kickstarter campaign to bring the Arqlite Eco Pot to life.

A deep black 5x6 inch pot made from single-use plastics that doesn't need a drainage hole when used with Smart Gravel.

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Looks great in any home

This pot has been designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics. Inspired by the captivating symmetry of diamonds, it creates a stunning play of light that changes throughout the day, revealing different aspects of its beauty.

Its elegant design is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any space, while its functionality provides the perfect vessel for your favorite plants to thrive.

With this pot, you can enjoy the timeless beauty of diamonds in a new and unique way.

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Eco Friendly

The Arqlite Eco Pot is made using our revolutionary patented HRP (Homogenized Repro Pellets), which are created from tons of single-use plastics that would have been destined for landfills and oceans.

We source this plastic from multiple plants across the USA, as well as from garbage repositories, and other locations.

Through our patented process, we transform the plastic into HRP, producing an eco-friendly material that is perfect for creating sustainable products like the Arqlite Eco Pot.

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No water Mess and Healthy Roots

Our innovative pot design is unlike any other on the market. It features a built-in layer of Smart Gravel, which expertly captures excess water and provides a constant source of moisture to your plants' roots.

The result is healthy, thriving plants without the need for messy drips and spills that can come with traditional drainage holes.

The Eco Pot eliminates the need for a drainage hole altogether, ensuring that water stays at the bottom of the pot where it belongs. You'll never have to deal with dirty plates or overwatered plants again!

*Of course, you can always drill a hole at the bottom and make it drain as a traditional pot if preferred.


5x more Durable

Our Eco Pot has been designed with your peace of mind in mind. We've added extra millimeters of plastic to the walls, providing 5 times the strength of traditional pots.

This means that accidental bumps and knocks won't be a concern anymore, as our pot is built to withstand whatever life throws its way. With its durability and strength, you can be sure that our Eco Pot is built to last, keeping your plants safe and secure for years to come.

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Stronger than typical pots

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Our Kickstarter campaign is Launching Soon

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The ugly truth about single-use plastics

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"Single-use plastics" (SUPs) are plastic products that are used once or for a short period of time before being thrown away, and they account for 50% of the world's plastic pollution (according to the European Commission).

Until Arqlite created the HRP (Homogenized Repro Pellets), these plastics were unrecyclable. The HRP is a revolutionary type of plastic pellet made from previously unrecyclable single-use plastics.

Our mission to end plastic pollution is making headlines

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"Santa Ana Start-up company gives old plastic new life"

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Our Kickstarter campaign is Launching Soon

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